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Recycling Locations 

The Falls Church - Annandale Lions Club maintains the following collection sites for recycling used eyeglasses and hearing aids:

  • George Mason Regional Library

  • Bracken Opticians in the Bradlick Shopping Center

  • Four Eyes on Broad Street

  • Mary Riley Styles Library

  • Kaiser Permanente on Washington Street, and

  • The Falls Church Community Center.

Other recycling sites in the Northern Virginia area can be found on our District's Homepage.

Hearing Aids

We also accept hearing aids at the above locations.  These hearing aids will be refurbished and reissued to the needy of the community . The Lions of Virginia have established a hearing aid bank to serve the needy in our community. Individuals that have a hearing problem are evaluated at the hearing bank and if a hearing aid is required, one of the refurbished units will be provided.

Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center of Northern Virginia

The Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center is located at 919 S. Monroe Street, Arlington, VA 22204 (telephone 703-671-1919). It is a division of The Lions Eyeglass Recycling, Inc. of Lions Multiple District 24, one of the six recycling centers located in the United States. Centers are also located in France, South Africa, and Spain. All of these centers are operated by Lions Clubs. 

Used eyeglasses are sent to the center from all parts of the eastern United States. Lions Clubs are the principal collectors of used eyeglasses but other organizations have become interested in this worthwhile project and have joined in collecting glasses. We need to constantly replenish our supply of used eyeglasses. We appreciate each pair we receive and thank all of you who have supported this project. Children's glasses are especially needed.

Click here for more information on the recycling center.


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